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Mark Gulla - Simply Successful

Mark Gulla - Simply Successful

RE/MAX Select Realty prides itself on offering a “Simply Better” choice of realtor to help clients experience a seamless home buying experience.

Mark Gulla is something of a legacy at RE/MAX Select Realty. His mother, Melissa Gulla, is a champion within the company and continues to have high producing years. Mark is following in her footsteps, going on four years with the company and earning a spot in the RE/MAX International 100% Club, having between $100,000 and $249,999 in Gross Closed Commissions (GCI), in 2018.

“I just want the best for the client. When you do that, everything else falls into place,” Mark said. “I’m also not scared to try new things. I feel like I can relate to everybody. I have something that sets people at ease when I’m talking to them. People are nervous when they’re buying a house. They want someone that they can trust, and they know I’m looking out for their best interest.”

Mark’s business has continued to grow each year he’s been working with RSR out of our Center Township Office.

“A lot of it has to do with just being more confident when I’m talking with clients. I think that kind of resonates with them and then they tell other people. When I first started, I had I think 19 deals my first year, but I treated every deal like it was my only deal. When the deal was over, they left me a good Zillow review, but they also told their friends and family that I did good job.”

It may seem like this Robert Morris alumnus, who grew up in Center Township, had it easy. Mark tells a different story.

“My mom is a realtor so I kind of always thought I was going to get into it, but really was unsure. She wanted me to go on an interview for a business management position because she paid for my degree, so I had to do that,” Mark joked. “I thought it went really well, my mom knew the owner, so I thought it was a slam dunk opportunity for me.”

After never hearing back from that company, he took it as a sign to follow his mother’s career path.

 “I thought taking the online courses was the best route for me. I thought I was going to fly through them, get my license, start selling real estate,” said Mark. “I couldn’t even get out of the class, failed that a couple times. Then it took me a couple times to actually pass the real test. It was off to a rocky start and I was very down. It was like a six-month process at least.”

After getting his license, Mark said he still had a frustrating start. He didn’t get a sale until four months in.

“That’s aggravating because you’re coming into the office every day. You’re out showing homes and no one is buying them, you’re surrounded by all of these agents that are just killing it,” Mark said. “It’s just patience, I guess.”

One of the agents doing so well was Mark’s mother, sitting in the seat right next to him. The two are not a team and work competitively in the same market, selling and listing homes in Beaver County.

“The first house I sold was nothing exciting at all. It was this $35,000 sale that I split with my mom. She gives me no business, no referrals, but she felt bad for me,” said Mark. “It was this little house in Aliquippa that we split, and I took care of the buyer for her.”

That first home got him on his feet and gave him an idea of how to handle the whole process.

Growing up with your mother being a successful realtor, then sitting just a few feet from her at your mutual work place and competing for the same business can be a tall order for any child.

Mark says that his situation makes it, “easier in the fact that I’m kind of more prepared than an agent off the street. She’s still teaching me and I’m very thankful for that because it allows me to give better service to my clients.”

When asked who Mark’s mentor is, he said… you guessed it… his mom.

“Because I lived with her and she’s really good at what she does. It was nice to have a mom that was not only a realtor, but she was killing it in the game,” said Mark. “I pretty much copied everything that she did and that got me some success.”

Melissa said that it’s truly amazing to see her son’s success and the praise he gets from his clients, especially because he earned it himself.

“I was always willing to help with anything but not with leads, that’s how the business is built and that’s the hardest part in the beginning. I stuck to my word, and he made it,” Melissa said. “We also knew we would never be a team. It’s not fair for either of us, because partnering with a family member doesn’t always have a good ending. I never wanted to risk our relationship. With that being said, I just couldn’t be prouder of him!”

Mark’s adage is “Going Above and Beyond” and his clients seem to agree. He has a five-star rating on Zillow with one of his most recent reviews stating, “I couldn’t be happier with his service. He was always available for calls or texts at any time of the day and is very knowledgeable about the market. Mark was also extremely willing to answer any of my questions and seek out additional information on my behalf. It was a pleasure working with him, and I look forward to it in the future.”

Mark says his winning formula is to set “crazy” goals for himself.

“This year, I should have hit them, but I had some fall throughs,” Mark said. “I set really high goals and if I hit them, great. If I don’t hit them, I’m a little mad for the next year to make sure I do hit them. I always make sure I’m growing for the next year and that has been working for me.”

If you’re interested in seeking out realtor services or finding out more information, Mark is very active on social media and says he gets a lot of his clients through Facebook and Instagram.