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Going Above and Beyond
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RSR Provides Upper Hand in Title Insurance and Wire Fraud

RE/MAX Select Realty believes its realtors should be able to create the best experience for their clients. That seamless experience starts with a solid knowledge base of all things real-estate. RSR provides several training sessions, including a weekly Select Training. Recently, a “Lunch and Learn” highlighted the topic of Title Insurance.
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Get Inspiration from’s Top Ten Most Popular Homes in 2018

Ever wonder what agents can do to make a listing “pop” compared to others? came up with a perfect way for you to find out what gets those extra clicks online with a top ten list of the Most Popular Homes in 2018.
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Should You Choose a Settlement Company for a Real Estate Transaction?

Using a settlement company for your real estate transaction makes the loan closing process more efficient and tailors it to meet the time restrictions under which your contract is operating.
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RSR Takes the Stress Out of Home Warranty Shopping

Home warranty coverage may include issues with the air conditioning, furnace, plumbing, electrical system, and even some major appliances.
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7 Tips to Keep your Online Information Secure

The RE/MAX Select Realty IT Department's seven easy steps to keep your personal and professional information safe and secure.
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